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Your phone is full of photos.  Your hard drive is full of media.  Your storage is full of things you will never access again.  And your hearts are full of longing.   FLP gives you more than another photograph.  We give you connection; we give you belonging; we give you beauty; we give you identity; we give you art. 

Storytelling Sessions with Fawn Lily Photography aim to tell your story, the story of your family.  This collection of sessions includes: Family Sessions, Maternity Sessions, Fresh 48 Sessions, and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions.  Storytelling sessions are held in your home or at an outdoor location that speaks to you.  NEW THIS YEAR: FAWN LILY PHOTOGRAPHY IS OFFERING FAMILY FILMS TO GIVE MOTION TO YOUR ALL IMPORTANT STORY.


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2524 Shoreacres Rd,

Sidney BC Canada



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